EA Brazil has let the cat out of the bag about some new content being infused into Star Wars Battlefront, and it looks like it might help revitalize interest too.


Battlefront is back, well it could be at least.

An astute user from Reddit was able to translate the video that was posted by EA Brazil, and it would appear that one of the most fan-requested features will finally be added, that of private matches. Also they’re adding in daily challenges, community events, new outfits for Luke and Leia and we should see a new map set on the dusty world of Tatooine.

When it was released, the game relied too much on the fact that it was a Star Wars game, and the lack of content was off-putting to a lot of gamers. This resulted in not very many playing, even at peak gaming times. This infusion of content, and most especially the private match feature, could very well spur the development of an eSports venue around Star Wars Battlefront.

Thankfully this is completely free and not part of the normal Season Pass.