Sometimes we take for granted the amazing talent of fans around the world and the great things they create in homage to our favorite franchises. Star Wars is rife with a lot of good, devoted fans who see inspiration in some pretty glorious ways. This, The Far Dark Side is one of those constructs that amazes in unexpected ways.

Subtle and surreal comedy highlight The Far Dark Side

I stumbled across this little gem on Twitter, a mere accident that’s blossomed into more smiles than anything ought to give. Per Hedman followed me one day and I was taken by the occasional comics that would pop-up on his feed, not because they were the most amazing adaptations of some of the most iconic characters, but because they were simple extrapolations on a very complex universe. And they were very amusing. Humor differs greatly and what I think is funny won’t necessarily get your jollies off. But this, I think, transcends some things. Its delightfully simple and the drawings are fun caricatures of the Star Wars universe filled with quips from the mundane world we live in. And they make me smile every time.

The Far Dark Side

Inside, and I won’t spoil all his illustrations, are some funny situations you’d never find our dear Darth Vader in but could easily be real-life issues no matter how silly they sound. There’s a consistency of humor here, with each mild mannered joke being a small gem plucked from the humor tree. You may not guffaw when you see it, but it’s hard not to smile at the absurd situations presented. The dialogue is simple, yet entirely too effective at eliciting a reaction. Something that even non Star Wars fans can appreciate (do such creatures even exist?).

Sure, it’s simple, it’s whimsical and it’s slightly insane. But it’s well done too. And I’m really glad I jumped and bought a copy. Even if it’s “only” the second printing (first would have been rad!). Per Hedman has a good style that I hope he continues with. It’s a small break from reality that I truly appreciate during my day. I tend to look at his newest illustrations from time to time to have a small chuckle. It’s the little things in life that are important, and The Far Dark Side epitomizes that. His tribute to the passing of Carrie Fisher is especially touching, seen below. You can see everything he’s created on Twitter, or even order a collection such as this. He’s planning more in the future and we can’t wait to see them.

The Far Dark Side