Smash Bros has always had a devout and large following, even if tournaments haven’t quite been so publicly large as they have been recently. Genesis 3, which can literally be described as the commencement of a new dawn of competition for the game.

Smash Bros Genesis 3

Genesis 3 was massive, 1840 competitors strong

1097 signed up to compete on the still new Wii U version and 239 who wanted to compete on the original Nintendo 64 version of the game and 3592 total people at the San Jose Convetion Center this weekend. It was an impressive turn out just from those numbers alone. And Nintendo officially supported the event, which was a great turn of events.

In the end it was a sweaty and bloody battle to be crowned the winner of the singles category on the Wii U, but eventually TSM ZeRo made it to the end and captured the win with a final 3-2 score. It was a close battle, but his patience and strategy finally paid off.

On to the doubles category we find Armada and Mew2King having going undefeated once again and utterly smashing the lat round against PewPewU and SFAT with a 3 to 1 win.

Overall the Genesis 3 event that occurred just this weekend was full of energy and full of the competitive spirit you’d expect to find there. Genesis 4 will no doubt be even more exciting and continue the rivalry that was started during the first Genesis national tournament.