Today’s RPG games have incredible graphics and are such immersive experiences, but this Thursday let’s take a moment to appreciate the older games. These classics required a lot more imagination and the problem solving may have been pixilated but it was still ever so much fun.

Poor Chip was always getting himself stuck in a pickle, and just when you thought you had collected all the items you needed to clear a level, a strange man in a trench coat would be around the corner to steal it all. Time to jump into the water and start over. Yes, I know that Chip can’t swim without flippers. Thanks so much for reminding me … again.


Chip's Challenge

Ready to Chip Away at a Challenge?

Chip’s Challenge was made up of simple elements. Water, fire, ice and of course the tools to make yourself invincible to these elements … fire boots anyone? The suction cup boots that allow you to go any which way on the directional walkways were always my favorite. Maybe it’s the countdown timer that makes solving these puzzles so much fun, or the levels that seem unbeatable even though it assures me at the bottom that “this level is solvable”. It may be a simple game but it’s a classic that remains fun even today.

Chip's Challenge

The best levels are the ones that have points of no return. These barriers make navigating the maze a game of intuition, memory and chance. I could never get enough of them, and that little blue maze end point was always such fun to get to. I love being able to play this whenever I feel like a retro blast from the past, and if you feel like a challenge head on over to this site and just don’t be a jerk like I am and make poor Chip step on any bombs.


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