Happy TBT! I don’t know about you, but I feel like blowing things up today. Some experts say that catharsis is not effective for releasing frustration, but shooting at imaginary enemies from a teeny, tiny spaceship is still hella fun.


Xevious: Take that human clones!

One of my favorite asteroids-like games is the Namco classic shooter arcade game, Xevious. It’s funny how it’s way less frustrating to lose a life when you don’t have to worry about running out of quarters. And, you don’t even need to beg your mom to take you to the arcade … it’s just a click away to play at http://www.freewebarcade.com/game/xevious/

There is of course no greater shame in Xevious than being taken out by one of those spastic flying discs. Being taken out by one of the stationary bases (or preferably by a mothership) is a noble loss of one of my aircraft lives … but being taken out by a Frisbee? It always made me thirst for vengeance.

Xevious Hidden Bonus

I haven’t played this game in years, but I’m remembering that you don’t want to stay at the bottom of the screen. It’s so satisfying to take out two of the ground bases with one air-to-surface bomb. I personally found it hugely satisfying to find the hidden bonuses – like the tower right before the three tanks that’s next to that suspicious looking ditch. I missed it this time, but I’ll get it next time!

I loved playing Xevious when I was younger, but before google I never knew the whole backstory to the game. Human clones built the structures that now are emerging on the surface of the Earth. An invasion is imminent from the General Artificial Matrix Producer (GAMP). Your role is the Xevian rebel who is ready to take on GAMP’s army and save Earth from GAMP control. If your manager stops by your desk to check on your progress this afternoon, you can reassure him or her that you’re busy saving the world .