Guest article written by the gaming extraordinaire, Emily

Mewkies. Throwback Thursday is the perfect time to test my dusty skills against these pink, robot, nightmare kittens in a retro round of Mappy. My brothers and I used to take turns playing this game at our clunky 90’s Gateway PC. We’d practically pull each other off the chair when one of us got murdered by a mewkie to try our hand at one upping the other. We breathed down each other’s necks careful to make sure no one pulled a fast one and restarted before being dethroned.

Aw, you forgot you only got four bounces on the trampoline? Hahahahaha – tough luck – get off the chair, it’s my turn!


Think you can do better in law enforcement? Try being Mappy the Mouse Cop!

It was the most satisfying feeling at level one to get the timing perfect and capture Goro, the boss cat as he lurked behind the radio. It may have been over a decade ago, but it’s still immensely gratifying to catch that darn red cat!


Slamming doors to push these bad cats down and blasting them away with the flashing doors – yep it’s still gratifying. As I’m collecting the items in pairs to maximize my score, it brings back the memories of needing to get that perfect score on each level to not be mocked by my audience, and then promptly trounced on their next turn.

Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic like me today, or maybe you’ve never played this Namco classic. Make sure your boss is busy, and head over to if you need an entertainment break. I always wanted complete quiet when the levels started to get faster, and it’s funny how much easier that is when two brothers aren’t waiting for you to fail. I may have been the girl in the family, but I wasn’t about to give up my high scores without a proper fight.

Ready? Let’s play!  🙂