(Graciously written and provided by Emily)

I may have been the only kid who enjoyed sitting around waiting to see the dentist. This wasn’t because I adored the scraping, poking and bubblegum flavored fluoride. Although, now that I think of it I actually did like the taste of that bubblegum flavor. It was always a sad day when they ran out and only had the gross cherry flavor left. But I digress. I didn’t mind sitting in the waiting room because my dentist was an absolute genius and had brought in a Sega. Tooth scraping was a small price to pay for getting to play Tiny Toon Adventures while my brothers took their turns in the dentist chair.

Tiny Toon Adventures

You know what your day is missing? Rats on pogosticks in Tiny Toon Adventures

As a kid I remember I wanted a Sega so very badly. If we had owned one, I would have spent an enormous amount of time running around collecting carrots to my heart’s content. Sadly, my parents were pretty much luddites and wouldn’t allow such things in the house, so it made visiting the dentist something to look forward to. You on the other hand don’t have to get that cavity filled before you can enjoy some Tiny Toon. You can just pop over to http://www.ssega.com/tag/tiny-toon-adventures you lucky duck.

My dentist later added ACME Allstars to his waiting room collection, but I always thought the original Tiny Toon Adventures had the best gameplay. You don’t have to take my word for it though, because you can play both on this fine TBT. I myself don’t mind if I do. I think I’ve gotten a bit rusty though, and I don’t remember tripping on everything as much when my thumbs were younger. Also, I forgot how much coordination it takes to hop across all the moving platforms towards the end of this first level. Yikes. My thumbs clearly need performance enhancers.

Tiny Toon Adventures

I don’t know about you, but I know what I’m doing this afternoon  😉