Ah yes X2. Released in early 2000s and being one of my childhood’s favourite games. I remember playing it on my old Thrustmaster joystick while exploring the wastness of the universe of the game. It was a game who made me love space simulators. Even though it was released in early 2000s the game, in my opinion, still looks graphically quite good, which made it very enjoyable back in the day. Graphics is just one thing out of many which made X2 special.

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The journey of young pilot, Julian Gardana in X2

Upon starting the game you will get thrown into a decently made cockpit of a M5 class ship, the Argon Discoverer, in a role of a young pirate and thief, Julian Gardana. As you go through the story, while uncovering the mysteries and origins of the hostile and unknown race, the Khaak, you see all the wastness of X2’s huge universe. You’ll see countless unique space sectors, meet many different races along with their unique behavior, ships and style.

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One of the things which I really love in games is mystery. And X2 has one big mystery which you are trying to solve whole story. Khaak. Who are they? Where did they come from? Why did they come now? Majority of the time in the game you know nothing about Khaak, not even the name. Funnily enough even the Khaak ships in the game are all named “Unknown enemy ship” because we just don’t know anything about them. Then there are many more mystries too but I don’t want to spoil everything now 😛

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Nostalgic memories

When I think about X2 I remember a lot of moments in the game. Discovering cool things. Story events. And more. X2’s universe is full of opportunities to experience and discover. Unfortunately due to modern games looking so good it’s almost impossible for me to go back and play X2 with its graphics. At its time it looked great. But its been almost 13 years. However for those, who don’t mind such things, I think you should give it a shot and I’m sure you won’t regret! Not to mention you can play its sequels such as X3 or X Rebirth.