So what’s the deal? Is Titanfall 2 an actual good game? Yeah, it is, it’s near perfect in how it plays. Smooth, dynamic and a lot of fun. Multiplayer is magnificent if a bit fast-paced for my own liking, but it’s huge and ambitious. There’s just one problem. Titanfall 2 was released on the coat tails of two very large games, so will likely fall by the wayside and not catch the attention of gamers out there. A pity, because it’s actually a great game. It’s full of enjoyment and an actual great experience. If you let it. And if you can take a moment from those other big games that have been released. It’s well worth the minimal cost of entry. I’d advise against going for the big mega expensive pack as it’ll likely all become free at some point anyway. But nonetheless, it’s worth it. If you like actually playing games.

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