Today is Halloween, the harvest festival where we dress up as characters and systematically celebrate the dead. Regardless of where you find your roots in Halloween, most tend to agree that it’s a mostly spooky, whether in reality or in a lighthearted way, holiday. And what better way to celebrate the spirit of the holiday than by picking your favorite scary game to take a stroll through.

Nazi Zombie Army

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, still good, but not on this list

Wanna get spooky this Halloween?

The five games in this list are of the more subtle variety, the kind that grab onto your un and sub-concious and manage to stay there, right behind your mind keeping you consistently on edge, and delightfully so for those that enjoy the genre. For those that don’t it can be a bit unnerving, but more representative of a true horror genre than the cheap thrills and overt gore of some games. Though sometimes a little gore is just what’s needed to get the heart-rate up and blood flowing. And to keep nightmare temporarily in your mind at night. So really, these five will be games from history and with maybe one or two that have a well designed jump scare as part of their repertoire. Brace yourself.