AI in games is never terribly advanced. It generally follows a set of programmatic principles that allow for some amount of improvisation, but it’s within certain limits. Bandai Namco is looking to make it even more complex by using deep learning to enable much better and more realistic AI in upcoming games.

Dark Souls with better AI? No Thanks!

AI is about to get a whole lot better in games

It seems that Bandai Namco, known for Dark Souls III, Tekken and quite a few other memorable games, is using experience garnered from an AI startup that has made algorithms that bested human players at a game called shogi, a Japanese chess game. Heroz, the company, is going to attempt to make NPC’s in games more fluid and dynamic in their behaviors. This could mean companions that can do the obvious things to save you from your own doom. Even simple things like targeting the enemies that are attacking them, could be a more realistic experience. Not that telling your companions in any game to do things explicitly isn’t fun. And usually complex.

Thus far they’ve been setting their sites on card and board games to make it both difficult, but even enabling that realistic flair to make it seem as if the other party is a human player. It isn’t so much about making it prohibitively difficult, but more about making a worthy adversary that can learn. It isn’t at the complex level to make our yearly FPS better, but progress is certainly being made. When can we expect this to spill over to their darker games? Likely within a few years. Hopefully other developers and publishers follow suit and look towards deep learning for better AI. It can only make games that much better. And could pay dividends eventually.