While we try to avoid speculation here at TechAltar, sometimes something just speaks to us enough that we need to add our commentary on it.

Despite the game not actually being out until the 15th there are already Easter Eggs being found in the game, one of which may well be a hidden teaser for something that Ubisoft have in the works. One of the games mission’s see’s Marcus Holloway, the games protagonist stealing information from Ubisoft, specifically relating to an E3 trailer watermarked with UBISOFT CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT DISTRIBUTE across the center of the screen and E3_Conf_Video_v03 along the bottom.


Naturally this can be watched in game, and boy do we recommend you do so… The trailer shows various spacecraft in orbit above a planet, with an art style that harks back to classic sci-fi art from the 70’s and 80’s, with bright bold colours and clean lines, with a soundtrack that would put many in mind of shows like Firefly or perhaps more appropriately for the art style Cowboy Bebop.
Check it out for yourself below:


At this stage we are naturally treating this as more something of note rather than a genuine leak or reveal of something Ubi are working on, since the nature of the material and how it has been distributed sits nicely with the world that Watch Dogs belongs in and Ubi certainly have precedent for leaving various titbits of fun i
nformation in their various games, such as the links to Abstergo Industries, the mysterious front to Assassins Creeds Templar Order, found in the previous Watch Dogs game which led many to point out that its plausible that both games share the same worlds.
Still, with the huge resurgence of the space game genre of late, it would in some ways be more surprising for companies like Ubisoft to not at least be exploring moving into this area, since it is proving to be highly successful for many other developers and publishers now.

Naturally, we will continue to look out for more news to update you on this as it becomes available.