And no, we’re not just some other tech site that you’ve seen out there. We’re fun loving and here to talk about all the great gaming and hardware related topics that you love, and in a manner in which you’re familiar with. The idea is to take hardcore and complex topics and make them easier to digest. That and to have a lot of fun and share some of gaming, and computer (and console) hardware’s finest moments.


Welcome to the jungle

Why did we create a website that’s already in a crowded market? Because we want to share what we love with the world. You’ll find great serious and whimsical content all strewn about this site, but easily recognizable of course. If you love gaming, of all types and all genres on all platforms. We guarantee that you’ll love what we’ll have in the future. It’ll be slow going at first, but you’ll soon see some fantastic content.

So just who are we? A couple of nerds, gaming enthusiasts who happen to love gaming almost more than life itself. Almost… but rest assured that this is a hobby of ours, and we don’t plan on inundating you with a bunch of ads, but just a bunch of content! So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!