Another update to Windows 10 is expected to arrive by the end of the week. Windows 10 Build 14388 will be one of only a few updates that will arrive before the larger, more substantial Anniversary Update is released on August 2nd.

Windows 10 Build 14388

Windows 10 Build 14388 hits this week with a focus on bug releases

Microsoft has stepped up their game to a much more accelerated release cadence to help catch and fix bugs and exploits far sooner. The next update seems to focus precisely on those vulnerabilities. It’s being reported that this is one patch to help prepare systems for the bigger patch that’s coming. Just like the last few builds, we’re seeing this one focus on stability, reliability and ultimately performance. We may end up seeing this build, available for Windows Insiders, available this weekend to take for a spin.

Since this is immanent, you’ll see new builds coming to Windows Insiders, at the very least, for Windows 10 Mobile and the desktop variety as well. Again, this is likely a small build focusing solely on making things work a bit better and more smoothly.

The large Anniversary Update coming on August is the big hitter, with a whole host of improvements and a lot of new changes. A new login screen, greater Skype integration and bona fide extension support for Edge, making it an even more viable choice. All of that should be underlined by some great performance and stability improvements as well.