Microsoft has just seeded cumulative update 10586.338 to those that have signed up for the Insider Preview Program. The update, though, isn’t quite as exciting as we’d likely think a cumulative update to actually be. The contents are simple updates, more than anything else.

Windows 10 Cumulative Update 10586.338

Cumulative Update 10586.338 for Windows 10 is being tested, should be available to all soon

This should be the next large(ish) update that’ll be hitting machines on the next Patch Tuesday, next week. The update itself seems to only focus on fixing latent bugs in the integrated programs, bringing slight performance improvements and generally optimizing Windows 10 a bit more.

Since this isn’t a feature packed update, it’ll be fun to see just how well it installs when it hits the normal update channels and comes out of the Insider Program. We’ve had some problems in the past while installing cumulative updates that caused our systems to hang, and had to download the update in safe-mode to install. Other users have reported having larger problems, forcing them to either roll-back to a previous image or even re-install Windows 10 completely.

If you’re part of the Insider Preview Program, don’t hesitate to leave some feedback telling us if you notice anything different or have problems at all.