It’s been a while since Egosoft said anything about the future of X-series and future of X Rebirth. Fortunately the CEO of Egosoft, Bernd Lehahn, brought some news as a little early Christmas present to all X-series fans!

X Rebirth VR Edition

So the first major unexpected announcement is that of X Rebirth VR Edition. This is going to be a standalone game based on the X Rebirth Home of Light expansion and it’s going to be, as you can read in the title, built for a VR experience. The developer seems to be putting a lot of effort into this piece because the standalone game is going to have a lot of major improvments compared to X Rebirth.

One of which is a new in-house developed graphics engine based on Vulkan API that has optimisations for VR. Another is a special universe and economy as well as new content specifically designed and tweaked for a VR experience. This unfortunatelly also means that the old savegame files from X Rebirth are NOT going to be compatible with this new game. With VR there also comes a special UI as an immersive first person cockpit experience.

The new standalone game is going to be released via early access in the first half of 2017. Also worth mentioning is that all X Rebirth owners will be able to purchase the new standalone game for discounted price!


While Bernd didn’t give many specific details about the future title, he stated that the development is going well and they are making good progress. It doesn’t have a full name yet but the developer is keen on bringing this game back to the original style that was the hallmark of previous X-series titles. With that, Bernd was kind enough to tell us few major features of the new title.

One of the features are ability to fly many different ships, which was a bit lacking in X Rebirth. All-new interface to manage large fleets and full freedom when building stations from individual modules. So from what it seems, Egosoft is listening to all feedback they got from X Rebirth and implementing it into the future title.

It seems like that fans who really want a proper new X-series game should be looking forward to what Egosoft is going to bring in the future!

X Rebirth 4.10 update and more!

And of course as usual Egosoft will be bringing more updates to, not only X Rebirth, but also to older titles such as X3: Albion Prelude 3.2 and X3: Terran Conflict 3.3. These updates will contain number of fixes and performance improvments which should be really helpful especially for X Rebirth.

Bernd also talks about more about how players’ feedback helped shape X Rebirth into better state than what it had been on launch. This feedback is also being used for X4 development as stated previously.

With that Bernd also wishes everybody wonderful holiday and so do we at Tech Altar! Have great holiday and great new year everybody!