XFX is on to something by having a slim version of the RX 460. And AMD has lived up to the promise, mostly, of being able to play a majority of games at 1080P with this GPU. In fact, even Ashes at the Extreme preset was playable in a real, less convoluted scenario outside of the benchmark. Overwatch, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: GO and others will be absolutely destroyed by this card, with enough frames-per-second in all three to allow for 1080P at the highest settings.

Slim is in. That is, a slim card has more applications than you might really think of off hand. Even the WX 7100, the RX 480 of the professional sphere, enjoys a single slot form factor in order to take up less room and even allow for more to be used in parallel. The RX 460 Slim, of course, is far less expensive and a bit less powerful at that. But for those parallel applications, it could be a very good choice. In an mATX system you can fit three for a very decent price. So this, to me, looks more like a great inexpensive workstation card. A way to add additional compute power to your inexpensive workstation. The wonderful thing about AMD’s consumer cards is that there is nothing different when compared to their professional cards. That is, despite ECC memory support if that’s supported by the chipset and memory controller.

The XFX RX 460 Slim is actually a very good card. I like the cooler and the general design of it. It’s attractive, as fast as we’d expect and really is a good option at that price point. Entry-level gaming is full of exciting options, and we’d recommend this one. It’s small, and great for 1080P medium quality on most modern games. That and GCN is great at compute tasks, even these 896 stream processors are quietly efficient for the price.

XFX RX 460 Slim Review
An oddly great GPU. The XFX RX 460 Slim can fit into more places and still remains cool and relatively quiet. The modest overclock also gives a slight advantage without overworking the cooler. A damn fine GPU.
General Features92%
What's Right
  • Slender Profile
  • Oddly Good Cooler
  • 1080P Medium Monster
What's Wrong
  • No PCIe Connector For Additional Power and OC Headroom
91%Overall Score
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