It’s very difficult to recommend such a card when the power consumption is increased as it is while the performance is not much better than one might expect. XFX has done a magnificent job with the cooler, making it simple and quite industrial. It’s all very tasteful and works very well. But the improved Polaris underneath feels very much like an overclocked RX 470, and the power improvements aren’t nearly as great as we might have wished for. This is, of course, a stepping stone before a new GPU on a new architecture is released, though it seems as if it misses the mark. Largely because it’s nothing more than a modified BIOS on a slightly improved Polaris die underneath the heatsink. Thankfully this should drive the price of the RX 470 down, even if slightly, and the aftermarket may have more cards available as well. XFX is easy to recommend, though the RX 570 is not. It seems like a half-effort, a stepping off point that really has no purpose. Why not simply improve the GPU like the have but release it under the same name. It’s literally the same thing. Nonetheless, we applaud AMD for making headway with their marketing and their efforts in keeping up with the market.

If you already have something at this level, there is no need to upgrade. If you’re looking in this price range, you’re better off taking a look at the RX 470 and the lower prices that should start arising.

XFX RX 570 RS Review, a not so clever rebranding
A very nice card from XFX with a great cooler, just a poor effort by AMD and a poor rebranding on their part. The card uses as much power as an overclocked RX 470 at the same clock speed, yet performs just the same. So why not simply OC your own? Difficult to recommend all around.
Genreal Features70%
What's Right
  • XFX has an excellent low-cost cooler
  • Very quiet
What's Wrong
  • Significant power increase over RX 470
  • Not as high a performance increase as we need
80%Overall Score
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