Apple and several other publishers got into some hot water with the price fixing scandal that happened over the last few years. The settlement is well over and now you’ll finally be getting your money that you’re owed.

Apple Price Fixing

June 21st marks the earliest day you’ll see your money for the price fixing issue

The $450 Million settlement is being give out to consumers in two separate classes of payments. You’ll receive $6.93 for every book you purchased that was on the New York Times Best Seller list. For every book not on that list, you’ll receive $1.57 for every book you purchased. The earliest that you’ll start seeing these digital credits appear is on June 21st, or today.

The price fixing scandal that came to a head in 2010 was a collusion between major publishers and various eBook retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and of course Apple. That means you could potentially be getting quite a bit from different sources depending on how much of a digital scholar you happen to be. In this case, having been a bookworm during that time could mean a nice surprise in your accounts. Let us know if you start receiving your prize from the settlements. Being a bookworm could pay off.